Sending out a little extra love tonight. ♥

So you know how last night I posted about everyone suffering and struggling with something, great or small?  Well tonight that really hit me and became evident.  I had several talks with people this afternoon and evening: a friend who is having surgery for cancer tomorrow, a friend who spent last night with a friend in the hospital who had a seizure, and countless other friends who are overwhelmed with homework and have reached that point in the semester where they just seem a little weighed down by the world, worn and weary.  My heart hurts for all of these people.  I just want to take all their pain away and make them smile and laugh.  Heck, sometimes, I’d even be willing to do their O-Chem homework for them (if I wouldn’t make them fail miserably, haha).  But that’s all besides the point.  My point is, that humans are so fragile, and it’s heartbreaking to see this come to fruition.  Because while it’s nice to go around pretending we’re invincible, it just isn’t reality.  Cliché or not, but we really just need to take care of each other so badly.  Because God put us here to do that very thing, to love others and care for His suffering sons and daughters.  And this isn’t our true home.  But while we’re here, why not live life to the fullest and do everything possible to look out for one another?  I’m sorry for being so redundant about this point, but it keeps presenting itself in my life and is so important!  So my challenge for myself and any readers out there (anyone? anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Fry?) is to, starting tonight, do one random act of kindness every single day.  For a friend, for a stranger, whomever.  So one scary thing and one random act of love and peace a day.  Easy!  I’m going to sign off with two beautiful quotes I rediscovered tonight:

“The moments that feel the most lonely are sometimes the best reminders you are connected to everyone else. Because everybody on this planet has experienced sadness, felt heartbreak, had big and small disappointments, been sensitive to rejection, laid in bed worried. The moments that feel the most isolating are some of the best reminders that you are part of a larger community.” -Unknown

“Next time you are stressed, take a step back. Inhale and laugh. Remember who you are and why you are here. You are never given anything in this world you cant handle. Be strong, be flexible, love yourself and love others. Always remember to keep moving forward.” -Unknown

Rest well.  Remember to breathe.  And sweet dreams! 🙂


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