Rainbows in the Clouds :)

So tonight I saw Maya Angelou speak on campus, and wow.  What an amazing, inspiring woman.  She is so full of joy, gratitude, and an immense love for life.  She’s one of those people that seems to just get it.  She’s seen things and experienced things that I can’t even begin to imagine.  She is definitely going on my list of people I’d love to have coffee with sometime! 

Maya Angelou’s main message stemmed from a lyric from a 19th century African American song about a rainbow being in the clouds after the flood with Noah’s Ark in Genesis.  How if there is a rainbow in the clouds, the clouds that distort and can block light, then there is hope.  She encouraged us to look at where the rainbows in our lives have been, who the rainbows in our lives have been that have helped us to grow up and survive.  She told us to be rainbows in other people’s clouds, because we have no idea how far our impact on other people’s lives can reach or who we can touch without even realizing it.  Beautiful.  And since I am not nearly as wise or amazing as Ms. Angelou, I will keep this short and sweet and end once again with some quotes, this time from her speech tonight:

“If the rainbow is in the clouds themselves, there’s the possibility of hope.”

“I am a human being.  Nothing human can be alien to me.”

“It is important to understand that all the literature belongs to all of us all the time.”

“Sometimes you have to stop and think, ‘Where have my rainbows been?’  Sometimes you don’t know, but she or he helped you to grow up and survive.”

“We have no idea how far our importance, our impact will reach in our country, in our neighborhood, in our families…And that’s who we are: rainbows in the clouds.  The impact of a man, we have no idea how far it will go.”

“I used to think of my whole body as an ear.  And I could listen to anyone and learn.”

“We have the possibility, probability, and responsibility to be a rainbow in somebody’s cloud.”

Sweet dreams. 🙂



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