What to do on one of those not-so-good days.

So I’m going to be honest, today was just not a good day for me.  We’ve all been there, where things from the week pile up and weigh you down.  It’s okay to not be okay.  But something that helped me tonight was gratitude.  I went to my weekly faith sharing group on campus, and being surrounded by supportive people and being able to sit back and see how people have grown in their faith is beautiful and uplifting.  I went into the evening holding back tears and came out feeling a little less burdened and with a smile on my face, my heart filled with thanksgiving for such great people.  Something else that has been helping me to fight through my own issues is to be strong for other people when they are down, especially if I am having a bad day, as well.  I figure that being strong for someone who needs it can help me to be a little stronger for myself, too.  Forcing myself to go out of my way to be there for friends when I may just want to hide under my covers and be introspective has been a huge blessing in disguise this school year and has made me a better person.  Gaining that extra perspective and getting outside of myself when I’m having a bad day has strengthened me and brought more peace into my life, along with a whole lot of gratitude.  Remember to be thankful for something every single day, even if all you can muster is a thank you for simply being alive.  It helps you to see the world a little differently; maybe your problems aren’t so bad compared to the enormous amount of blessings in your life.  Gratitude: one of the most therapeutic ways to feed your soul. 🙂

Sweet dreams,


4 thoughts on “What to do on one of those not-so-good days.

  1. Lauren, thank you so much for following my blog! It allows me to see the scope of your thoughts and feelings. This post is excellent and so on point; I understand and appreciate EXACTLY what you mean!!! Wonderful uplift.

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