Growth. :)


Happy Wednesday!

So today I encourage you all to reflect on the past week, the past few weeks, and the past few months, and be proud of yourselves.  First of all, you survived!  You got through at least one thing that had to have been stressful, at least one day that was probably a bad day, and probably at least a few tears shed.  But you did it.  You are stronger than you realize!  And in this fast-paced and ever-changing world, take a look at the changes that have taken place in your life in the past few weeks or months, big and small.  Look at the good, the bad, the neutral changes.  How have those changes affected your life?  Did they bring you hardships or positivity or both?  Finally, look at your growth stemming from the seeds of change that have been planted in the soil of your life.  Are your roots more firmly planted in something special?  Are new trees sprouting up in your life?  How have you grown?  How have these changes changed you?  Because one of the most beautiful things about being a human being is that we’re never done growing; we’re always discovering new things and putting new splashes of paint on the canvas of our lives.  Life is a journey, and taking time to observe our growth and be proud of ourselves for taking steps forward is so important.  Sometimes we notice things about our lives and pleasantly surprise ourselves by how much we’ve grown and moved forward.  And those moments bring joy and an extra boost of motivation to keep going.

So hold your head up, keep smiling, keep stretching those roots, and keep journeying with an open heart.  You are so strong. 🙂

Have a beautiful evening (and sorry for all the cheesy analogies),


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