A Love Letter from God ♥


Dearest One,

Yes you. You with the hurt underneath that smile. You who have been through so much, experienced so much. You who have laughed, cried, suffered, and sighed. You with the broken heart. You with the self-conscious mind. Shh. Be still. I am here. I love you. I love you no matter what. I’ve been with you always, and I even created you in my own image and likeness because you mean that much to Me. When I’ve felt distant or far away, that’s when I was holding you closer and calling you by name. I protect you and keep you safe in my arms always, especially in your darkest hours. My light and my love will not fade for you, no matter what you have been through or what you have done. Come to Me, my beautiful child. In Me you will find rest. In Me you will find hope. I have beautiful, extraordinary plans for you, and I cannot wait to see them unfurl. I chose you to be on this earth for a special, unique reason that only you can live out. When you feel like the stresses and sufferings of this world are weighing you down, come to Me. Take my hand. Walk with Me. Rest with Me awhile. I love you so much. More than you can ever comprehend. When I look at you, my child, I first see all the beauty of the wonderful things you have done. I am so proud of you. Keep loving and keep holding on to Me, for I am with you always, my most precious child.


Your Father

3 thoughts on “A Love Letter from God ♥

  1. “I chose you to be on this earth for a special, unique reason that only you can live out. ” Great line! It’s so fitting, too, that you have this in the section on being still. Only by calming the noise around us can we hear God’s voice whispering to us what that reason is.

    • Aw thank you so much! I really appreciate it! And yes, it’s often that still, small voice from God quietly guiding us and speaking to our hearts. Peace to you!

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