A Simple Question.


“Miss Lauren, do you love yourself?” Such a simple question from my lead teacher Cori as we taught our four-year olds the different parts of their bodies that make them unique.  Somewhere amidst the discussion of blonde hair and brown eyes and knees and elbows came this simple yet earth-shattering question.

“Hector, do you love yourself?”


“Lowell, do you love yourself?”


“Emma, do you love yourself?”

“Yes!” she shouted, throwing her arms around her body in a huge hug.

Round the circle we went, each child eagerly proclaiming their self-love like it was the easiest question in the world to answer.  I was struck…and secretly hoping this would be one of the times Cori skipped over using me as an example for the class…

“Miss Lauren, do you love yourself?”

“Yes!” I exclaimed with my big assistant teacher smile and energy for my kiddos.  Meanwhile, my insides were screaming, “No! I don’t! I am too broken and feel so unlovable that I don’t even want to love myself!”  If it weren’t for holding it together for my kids and controlling the squirming acrobatics Hector was attempting in my lap, I would’ve had a breakdown right then and there in the middle of circle time.
The faith and wisdom of children astounds me.  Not only do they know how loved they are, but they proclaim it with full lungs at unthinkable decibels in the middle of the classroom with no shame.  How I want to protect their precious hearts from the day someone breaks them and they get hurt in a way that makes them not love themselves.
Lord, help me to love myself the way these children do.  Show me what it means to be Your beautiful daughter.  Tonight, I invite Your healing love into my wounds.  Amen.
You are loved.  Believe it.  ♡

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